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MBMO Group is a recognized distribution partner for entrepreneurs who want to enter the Thai market. We import your products to Thailand and turn your brand into a true success story with thorough marketing and sales. We mainly focus on premium consumer goods in the niches Food Products and Luxury Goods. MBMO Group represents various brands. Our portfolio consists of well-known international brands and promising startups.

Food Products

We are specialised in distributing Food Products in Thailand. Our main brands are EUFOOD2U and Gaya Gold.

Luxury Goods

In addition to food products, we focus on luxury goods, such as watches, accessories and premium lighters. We represent Zippo®, Von Doren and Delicious Dutch.

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We ensure the successful establishment and expansion of your sales channels in Thailand. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can support you in the right way.
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MBMO Group as your distributor in Thailand

As an authorized distributor in Thailand, we are the link between your company and the Thai consumer market. We speak your language and understand your western way of doing things, but we also know exactly how to act in Thailand. We have already overcome the barriers to entry into the Thai market, we know how to deal with laws and regulations and we have close relationships with accountants, lawyers, business associations and the embassy. In short, all the ingredients for a successful business. 

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At MBMO Group, we only distribute products we truly believe in. We market your brand and sell it as if it were our own. MBMO Group is therefore an extension of your company. In addition to a reliable and comprehensive distribution system, we have an excellent reputation. Not only do we have long-term partnerships with brands, but we are also known as a respected wholesaler and B2C partner because of our exceptional customer service.

Our Brand Portfolio

MBMO Group is an active player in the Southeast Asian market. We support entrepreneurs in international business and logistics management in Thailand. We do this as an exclusive distributor, but also as enthusiastic marketers. MBMO Group is already distributing several promising brands in Thailand. We have an extensive distribution center where we take care of the import and resale of various premium products down to the last detail. In Thailand, for example, we are the distributor of the premium brands Zippo®, Gaya Gold and Von Doren. We also have own brands in Thailand: EUFOOD2U and Delicious Dutch.


Since 2017 we are the distributor of Zippo® in Thailand. We are a well-known player in the market with our own flagship store and a significant network of reliable resellers. We also make use of various e-commerce platforms and have an online community of more than 90,000 engaged followers. Today we are therefore the largest provider of Zippo® in Thailand.

Von Doren

Von Doren is an emerging Norwegian watch brand. The company designs watches with Swiss quality in very limited edition. The watches are elegant and refined, but also offer robustness. In collaboration with Von Doren, we bring a top quality European product to the Thai market and in the Benelux. We respond to the needs of the market with highly targeted branding and a personalized sales strategy.


In a partnership with Concept Drinks, we have launched the exclusive GAYA Gold coffee drink in Thailand. It combines the signature taste of premium coffee, smoky caramel and creamy milk. It is made to create the maximum tasting experience. The success of GAYA Gold is already visible in the United Arab Emirates and is becoming more and more popular among Thais thanks to our collaboration.


EUFOOD2U is our own concept with which we respond to the demand in the Thai consumer market. EUFOOD2U is an online supermarket for Europeans. The formula is simple: European expats, travellers and retirees can buy their favourite European products. What makes our concept unique is the door-to-door service throughout Thailand.

Delicious Dutch®

Delicious Dutch® is one of our own brands. It is a distinctive fashion label. It specializes in the online sale of accessories, such as uniquely designed caps. Through creative collaborations with influencers, Delicious Dutch® gives young people the opportunity to distinguish themselves and to wear what they stand for.


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We see a Thailand that is continuously developing. The country is constantly changing, both economically and socially, but also in the ASEAN region as a whole. We closely follow the developments and trends in the Southeast Asian market and opt for a progressive approach. Everything we do is thoroughly substantiated and viewed from multiple perspectives. Our advisors and marketing specialists have many years of experience in the Thai consumer industry and are always focused on progress. Being meaningful to you as an entrepreneur is important to us, but also for Thai society.

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